Wononwon is in the business of building heroes. Everyday we are harnessing the skill of the athlete enabling them to get the recognition they deserve. Using South Africa’s first online platform for all your sports administration needs from the Rugby pitch to the Hockey astro-turf.Neslo Tech’s initial engagement with Wononwon was to update the existing application’s design to be fully responsive to all mobile device sizes.


2020 - Present


WonOnWon | Application


We used the Bootstrap framework’s built in device size breakpoints to assist in this redesign of all web application pages.Following the success of this initial project, we have become the go-to-guy’s for all of Wononwon’s maintenance and new development needs. We have enabled Wononwon expand their application from administration around Rugby leagues to the administration of both Hockey and Cricket leagues.

The web application is built using the Symfony framework for the PHP language. Following best practices and industry standards on an application that released its MVP roughly 10 years ago. With this in mind, there are plans for an application rewrite using the ReactJS framework and converting the current application into an API only Symfony application. Parts of the application have been built as a simple JSON API to allow integration with the Wononwon mobile app.The application is deployed to an Elasticbeanstalk environment to allow AWS to handle all load balancing and server needs.

Mobile Development:

Wononwon has created a mobile app that allows seamless integration of all live scoring of sports games with the web application. You have the ability to track every ruck, green card or wide ball from your fingertips to a live dashboard that can be viewed on the Wononwon website to see the stats for all your favourite sports games in real-time.The application has been built using the Ionic framework to allow for a single code base to act as a Hybrid application across iOS and Android applications.

Specifically using the Angular framework to create beautiful reusable components for a write once, run anywhere type of solution.We have built this application using the TypeScript language to enforce strongly typed standards and structure. The main benefit of using the Angular framework, was to leverage the brilliant design in dependency injection by the almighty Google creators as this application required the control of all injectable instances across different modules of the application to ensure optimal performance.

You can download the Wononwon app for free on both, the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

WonOnWon Mobile app
WonOnWon Mobile app